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Nylex UV Protection Rain Gauge 250ml made from Australia
Price RM 144.90
Brand Nylex
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  • UV stabilized
  • Simple to install
  • Transparency
  • Made of Polycarbonate
  • Size: Ø=10cm x H=35.5cm
  • Made in Australia

This is a precision instrument which measure up to 250mm of rainfall in professionally calibrated 1mm increments. It is ideal for big scale plantation, farmers and graziers, educational institutions, home gardeners and hobbyist, horticulturists/vignerons greenkeepers, nurseries and market gardens.


This instrument with UV stabilized and easy to install. If rainfall has exceeded 25mm, the water will overflow into the outer container and this can be carefully poured up to the 25mm mark on the inner measure as often as necessary, counting the number of times and finally measuring the residue in mm. 



  • This is a precision instrument which measure up to 250mm of rainfall.
  • Graduated Cylinder with 25mm embossed readings
  • 1 mm increments for accuracy
  • With UV stabilized
  • Simple to install
  • Transparency
  • Made of durable Polycarbonate

  1. The site selected should be an open one, unobstructed by high trees or fences, on level ground, not on a slope or terrace.
  2. Should be secured to a post by mounting the enclosed bracket in a true vertical position as near to the ground as possible, or at the lowest safe height.
  3. The post of Nylex Rain Gauge is fixed should be twice as far away as the height of surrounding buildings or trees.
  4. Rainfall should be measured at 9am daily and examined immediately on the cessation of heavy rain, the amount and the time of commencement and cessation noted and the water returned to the gauge so as not to interfere with the next morning’s reading.
  5. Best results are obtained by installing the Nylex Rain Gauge in pairs and spacing them about 6 meters apart. The effects of strong winds are thus reduced and more accurate readings may be obtained from the average of such pairs.

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