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  • SNR: 23dB.
  • Comply with EN 352-2:2002.
RM 3.80
  • Knee-length Raincoat.
  • Made of 0.30 mm PVC on polyester broadloom fabric and brite safe yellow colour for excellent visibility.
  • Non-detachable drawstring hood which can fit over safety cap.
  • 2 front waist pockets convenient for put somethings. 
  • Non-conductive, non-corrosive, and rustproof Snap-on Buttons.
  • Front zipper and extra flap for extra waterproofing & protection.
  • Ventilation cape enhance Air Circulation and more comfortable.
RM 46.70
  • Polycarbonate lens to protect against impact hazard.
  • DuraCoat offers anti-scratch & UV protection.
  • Polyimide (Nylon) material provide high temperature & electrical resistances.
  • Adjustable temples for perfect fit & comfort.   
  • Uninterrupted lateral vision in a single wide panorama lens.
  • Lightweight for comfort, only 30g.
  • Meets ANSI Z87.1 & EN166.
RM 8.30
  • Close fit of the tinted goggle frame provides good comfort. 
  • Comfortable adjustable headband and improved ventilation system. 
  • Dual lift front welding goggle with shade 5 lens. 
  • Design of eyeglasses capable. 
  • With flip-up mechanism. 
  • Fit perfectly over prescription glasses. 
  • Comply to ANSI Z87.1 & EN166 
RM 29.00
  • For immediate emergency flushing of eye injuries, provides fast and effective relief.
  • Durable and easy to squeeze polyethylene bottle has an eyecup with captive snap on cap.
  • The eyecup has perforated plate to break up the stream for a gentle spray to the eye. 
  • A capped air vent valve prevents drawback of contaminated fluid back into bottle.
  • Used water exits through a drain tube.
  • Polyethylene bottle can stores 500ml of water.
  • Without chemicals Solution
RM 46.70
  • Rounded shape side tension knobs that allows flip up visor to be positioned as per user wishes
  •  Lightweight and comfortable with height adjustment and ratchet locking system.
  • Browguard Visor Holder made of HDPE
  • Visor EYE-PG-FC48C-CE made of Polycarbonate
  • Tinted Eye-PG-FC48G5-CE visor made of Polycarbonate, for anti-glare, brazing and light cutting operating purposes.
  • Meet ANSI Z87.1 & EN166 – B Standard
  • Can only be fitted with all Proguard types of clear & tinted visor.
RM 21.50
  • This welding had shield fitted with adjustable headgear to fits various head size.
  • Provides extra coverage from weld spatter and radiation plus aerodynamically contoured to offer superior welding fume deflection.
  • The cover made from Thermoplastic, resistant to heat and weld spatter
  • Flip-up front for easy welding inspection
  • Easy to use, lightweight, and durable
  • Meet ANSI Z87.1 Standard
  • Designed specifically for welders comfort, versatility & performance
RM 24.30
  • Cowhide split leather 
  • Sew on adjustable neck loop & waist ties 
  • Superior protection 
  • Heavy duty stitching 
  • Reinforced snaps
  • Yellow & white color
RM 65.90
  • Excellent in heat, spark & abrasion protection 
  • Made of top 5 grade split leather 
  • Full cotton lined
  • Come with a high gauntlet cuff 
  • Superior rigger chrome leather gloves
  • Free size
RM 24.90
  • Excellent heat, spark & harmful welding rays protection 
  • Made of quality split leather 
  • With leather straps and buckles
  • Free size
RM 54.20