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Hand Sprayer 6L, Handy Compression Sprayer (6 Liter) (Model Volpi-6V)
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This is a professional compression sprayer equipped with special FPM gaskets to be able to use aggressive products. Useful for the spraying of Insecticides & Herbicides or domestic uses (Low Volume Spray to Medium Volume Spray).




Before operating the sprayer or carrying out any maintenance operation, it is recommended to read carefully the information and warning herein contained, needed to use the sprayer in the best possible correct and safe way.

1. Preparation before use

  • The lance [331(F)] with twin elbow (TE/2A) and LSA/4 (R) nozzle screwed on to the automatic release [321 (P1)] completed with 1.2m flexible hose [IP-PVC120(6V)] and connected to sprayer.
  • Check all the joints are tightened properly with a washer to ensure no leaking.


2. Filling the tank

  • Pull out the knob of the pressure relief valve to make sure the tank is not pressurized and the valve works properly.
  • Unscrew the sprayer and remove it; pour, then the solution previously prepared and filtered up to 2/3 of the total capacity of the tank. Check that the inner edge of the tank and the sprayer seal are clean, and firmly fasten the sprayer clockwise.


3. Conditions of use

  • Release the handle from hooks by turning it slightly counter-clockwise and pump 4-5 times alternatively, after a few moments pull the knob of the pressure relief valve and check that air comes out. At this point, you can continue to pump until reaching the desired pressure and in any case never exceed 3 bars (approximate calibration level of the drain valve).

  • Shoulder strap and handle are fully adjustable to ensure user’s comfort in fieldwork.


4. After use

  • Keeping the sprayer in a vertical position, pull the knob of the pressure relief valve and completely remove any residual pressure from the tank; unscrew and remove the sprayer.
  • Pour all the remaining liquid into a container and rinse thoroughly with clean water inside the tank and the spraying hose, spraying clean water through the automatic release, lance, and nozzle, and open the handle and check regularly that the filter is intact and clean.
  • Place the sprayer, turned over, and the pumping device slightly unscrewed, in a clean, dry place inaccessible to children, protected from sun and frost.


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What's in the box

1 x 6 Liter Compression Sprayer

1 x Liquid Spray Adjustable Solid Cone Nozzle (Red) 

1 x P1 Strainer (50 Mesh) for Chamber 

1 x Fiber Spraying Lance 18'' 

1 x Twin Elbow Lance

1 x Catalogue Manual